Saratoga Race Course Announcer, Tom Durkin Talks About the Tracks 150 Year History

Over the past 150 years horses have raced the track at Saratoga Springs, NY. In this video longtime sports announcer, Tom Durkin speaks about what he loves about the Saratoga Race Course.

Saratoga Race Course, the oldest sports venue in America will be celebrating it's 150 year legacy of thoroughbred racing with a five month festival in 2013.

Saratoga Race Course invites you to come out to commemorate a heritage of great American thoroughbred horse racing.

Get more details about the festivities and history: Saratoga Race Course Celebrates 150 Years

Horse Racing a Car

In video titled "Horse Race Car? Yes!" a YouTube user by the name of BubblyGum wears a helmet cam and goes full gallop alongside a highway "racing" a car.

Okay. I get that you love your horse and that he's probably really fast but I wouldn't call it racing a car when the other person really has no clue that you're in competition with them. Besides that we all know that if they really wanted to they could take your precious little horse if they wanted to.

Nonetheless, here is the video for those of you who want to see a horse "race" a car.

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